How It Works


As part of our corporate social responsibility initiative we offer plastic for rewards through our Ecopoints scheme. Under our Eco-points system, subscribers exchange their recyclable items for cash rewards, Groceries, and household items. Subscribers are to bring their recyclable such as PET bottles, to any of our pickup centres close to them. If their quantity exceeds 1000kg we will arrange for a collection.


How It Works


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A Pickup

Call +234 703 822 5926 and schedule a pick up if the recyclables exceed 1000kg. Schedule for a drop off at our collection centres if below 1000kg.

Our Goals

Frequent donations will in turn increase your Eco-points. 1 Bottle accounts for 1 point. The more bottles we collect from you, the more points you accumulate.

Redeem Your

Once the points have been accumulated you can Redeem points for goods or cash rewards. Our website details the list of rewards, including sponsorship for children's tuition in disenfranchised communities.